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How to Get More Comments on YouTube Videos

How to Get More Comments on YouTube Videos

Likes and subscribers aren’t the only important things you want on YouTube. It is equally important to get more comments. And not just any comments, but quality comments that allow other users to share and interact on your videos.
Why? Quality comments show viewers that your video has something interesting to say. They also make your videos more engaging as a result.
In this article, we’ll go over effective strategies to help you get more comments on your YouTube videos.
How to Get More Comments on YouTube Videos

Ask Viewers a Question at the End of Videos

To start, you can get an almost immediate increase in YouTube comments just by asking your viewers a question at the end of each video. This can be as simple as, “What did you think of this topic?” or, “How did I do? Let me know in the comments!” Or you can ask them for their ideas on a specific topic that relates to the topic of your YouTube video.

Get Your Audience More Involved

First of all, don’t think of your YouTube channel as your personal repository for videos that you’ve made. Think of it as a community with a great fan base that you want to interact with.
Think of your YouTube videos as the beginnings of conversations. When you approach your channel and your videos this way, you’ll almost automatically encourage more involvement from your audience.

Start a Discussion in the Comments

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with posting in your own comments sections, either. Sometimes viewers may be slow to get the conversation going, but you can kick-start it by asking a question in the comments. Just wait a couple of hours after you upload a video to YouTube in order to give your viewers a chance to start their own discussions. This is also a great way to direct the conversation taking place in your YouTube comments.
How to Get More Comments on YouTube Videos

Respond to Comments on YouTube

Now, asking questions in your YouTube videos and comments is only the beginning. You can’t just start a conversation and then walk away when you get responses. Instead, keep checking back for replies and comments on your video(s). When you get them, keep the conversation going by responding, answering questions, and asking more questions of your own.

Ask Viewers to Provide Input for Upcoming Videos

At the end of your videos, you can also encourage your viewers to give your ideas and input for upcoming videos. Even if you have an entire list of video ideas for YouTube, it’s good to make videos about the topics that you know your audience will be really interested in and has requested (community building).
You can do this by saying something as simple as, “…And, as always, if you have any topics or questions that you’d like to see in an upcoming YouTube video, let me know in the comments!” in your outro. And you can encourage this kind of feedback and input in your responses to comments, as well.

Showcase Comments at the End of Videos

All of this interaction and engagement makes your viewers more involved. It shows them that you’re paying attention and that you care about the community you’re developing around your YouTube channel. You can further this involvement even more by showcasing great comments and giving supporters/fans shout-outs in your YouTube videos.
As you answer specific questions from the comments, for example, post a screen shot of the comment with the viewer’s username displayed in your video. You can do this within the flow of your video, and you can showcase screenshots of your best comments of the week in your outro, too.
Holding something like “Comments of the Week” is a great way to encourage more engagement and more comments.
How to Get More Comments on YouTube Videos

Answer Questions in YouTube Videos

Finally when you ask your audience to post questions for you in the comments, be sure not to ignore them. This is a lot like asking a friend a question and then turning around and pretending they’re invisible when they answer. It’s rude, and it’s counter-productive.
However, taking the time to answer questions in upcoming videos or in special Q&A YouTube videos where you take the time to specifically answer viewers’ questions is a great way to enhance engagement. When your audience members see that you’re paying attention and that you’ll answer their questions and even mention their names in your videos, they’ll start asking even more.

Reply to YouTube Comments

Speaking of leaving comments, don’t ignore your viewers’ comments. When they leave suggestions, requests, questions, or critique, go ahead and respond to them. Always be polite and professional, and keep your voice and tone in the comments consistent with your voice and tone in your YouTube videos. Replying to YouTube comments is a great way show viewers how much you appreciate them.
How to Get More Comments on YouTube Videos

Start a Conversation in the Comments Section

Every time you upload a More information about IT to YouTube, you can always go ahead and get a fun conversation going yourself (be careful not to include spoilers). Post a question that you’d like your viewers to answer. Then, when you start getting answers, keep replying to them. Your viewers will love the positive engagement they get from you, and they’ll be more likely to return for more.

Ask Your Viewers to Share Feedback

Finally, in addition to asking for your viewers’ suggestions for future topics, you can also ask them for feedback on your YouTube videos. At the end of your More Information about IT, ask your audience to share their thoughts and questions in the comments section. Then, when they do, be sure to reply and keep the conversation going.

Leave the First Comment

This comes back to social proof. It’s like the dance floor at a wedding, where nobody necessarily wants to be the first one on it; instead, we wait for someone else to take the lead. So go ahead and get on the digital dance floor: leave the first comment on your videos yourself if need be.
How to Get More Comments on YouTube Videos

Replicate Your Best Performing Content

This doesn’t mean post it again or even repurpose it, like you would on Facebook or Twitter.
Instead, use Agorapulse’s analytics to identify your videos that received the most engagement and see if you can figure out why. Do certain playlists get more engagement? Videos of a certain length? (In general, videos under 5 minutes have about a 60% retention rate, and those under 2 minutes have a 75% retention rate and you’ll get more comments on videos users have watched all the way through).
How to Get More Comments on YouTube Videos

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